Cayman Crocs NFTs

An Island Discount Club and More...

We’re a cool new NFT project where the NFTs have REAL WORLD VALUE! Collect and get amazing discounts from vendors and services throughout the Cayman Islands and beyond! Just show your NFT in your NFT wallet to obtain discounts from popular Island experiences in the Cayman Islands! Also have a chance WIN XRP, exclusive NFT airdrops, limited edition giveaways and, in some cases, special hotel accommodations.

Cayman Crocs - Cayman Islands World Travel NFT

How It Works

Anyone can visit us online, come in on a cruise or fly in, scan a QR code and purchase an NFT that they like (there are many crocs with different traits to choose from). Then, present the NFT for discounts at many services and vendors around the island … save money and have a great experience in the Cayman Islands!

After purchasing your NFT, hodlers (NFT owners) seeking discounts must present their Cayman Crocs NFT in their NFT wallet to receive their special discounts on things like fishing charters, snorkeling, sting ray excursions, bioluminescent tours, many different island tours, restaurants, jewelry stores, gasoline stations, scuba tours, water sports rentals, etc..

See Our Partners section below for more info on participating vendors.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with these great companies to give you amazing benefits and discounts.
Click any logo below to view more information on their website.


No. Your benefits will not expire as long as you own the NFT. If you sell it to someone else then you no longer have those benefits.

You can see a list of the businesses and attractions that accept the NFTs in the Our Partners section.

You will have access to every partner that is on board with us whether at the time of purchase or those partners that come on board with us in the future. The value of the NFT will continue to grow because the partners will continue to grow

There is no limit to how many times you can use your NFT to gain discounts with any of our partners.

Go to the Cayman Croc you own on the Marketplace. There is a button to create a Trust Line. Click it and follow the instructions. Contact us if you have any questions.

Cayman Islands World Travel NFT

Anticipated Roadmap

June 2022
Online Presence

Launch website and social media accounts. Obtain at least 10 partners right away for launch. Start to list special edition Cayman Crocs.

July 2022
NFT Launch and Giveaways

Sellout milestone special XRP giveaways. Special NFT airdrops for certain Cayman Croc holders. Limited edition NFT airdrops. (all TBA on Twitter @CaymanCrocs)

October 2022
Launch Travel Services

Dedicate additional revenue for more rewards for holders. Host at least 1 exclusive event for holders.

December 2022
Begin Offering Other Locations

Add another travel destination, more partners. Host at least 1 exclusive event for holders.

2023 & Beyond
Expand Opportunities and Benefits

Continue working on other opportunities and developments, including staking and metaverse.

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